The 4 most important factors for digital transformation in HR

Teambesprechung Digitaler Wandel

Successful Digitization

In the process of digitization, every company and therefore every department is forced to rethink its role within the company and to adapt processes. For the human resources department in particular, this means breaking out of old existing structures and changing to a new role within the company.

The key factor in a successful digital transformation process is the release of resources. 61% of German companies already have a detailed strategy for digitization that includes specific goals and projects. However, only 39 % of the companies have sufficient budget and only 26 % have sufficient expertise to implement the digitization measures. To unlock resources, the HR department must free itself from working methods and processes that tie up too many resources. Promoting digital skills and saving budget can go hand in hand. For example, by introducing new HR software. This not only enhances the digital skills of HR employees, but the software manages resource-intensive tasks and pays for itself within a few years by saving valuable working time.

As the latest study by Kienbaum Consultants International and SAP shows, in addition to digitization, four other influencing factors are needed to successfully steer an HR department into the new work era.


The adaptation of management culture, moving away from a top-down leadership style towards empathy, compassion and understanding, is crucial in the transformation process. Through management programs, training and active role-playing in the new management culture, the HR department not only has the opportunity to position itself as a new work pioneer within the company. With new leadership measures, HR provides its employees with the necessary tools to establish the new management level in the company in a sustainable manner.


The transition to open and self-organized structures facilitates digital change. This enables HR to react flexibly to new trends and at the same time to establish itself in the “Future of Work”.

Virtual work

Digitization enables work regardless of device and location. By introducing HR software, HR employees can leave the traditional office work behind. The mobility gained through this process not only enormously enhances work efficiency, it also increases employee satisfaction and generates new resources.

HR Transformation

The new role as a strategic partner gives HR staff the opportunity to put people back at the heart of the HR department. People-Based HR is the new approach that must be practiced in the future. If the needs of the employees are ignored in the decision-making process when selecting the technology, employees’ acceptance of change will decline.

The combination of these five elements successfully brings the HR department into the working world of the future.

The blog is based on the study: Data and Talents – Study on HR Strategy and Organization 2020 | KIENBAUM & SAP ©2020