How digital HR processes facilitate work from home

HR-Sachbearbeiter im Homeoffice

Digital HR process management brings more flexibility

Digital HR processes facilitate the work of the HR department even in times of crisis. And this without having to accept any loss of quality or quantity. If HR processes are handled using clever HR software, workflows and HR-related tasks can even be processed faster and more effectively, regardless of the work location and device. For example, processes can be controlled across departments from home, without having to invest valuable time and effort in coordinating and communicating people involved.

Cross-departmental HR work at home

In order for complicated HR processes to function smoothly when working on the move, the HR department has to rethink. Without a digital HR solution, mobile processing of HR tasks can hardly be implemented. HR software ensures that communication and the requirements of the HR department are maintained during working from home, both within the HR department and across departments with employees and managers, without physical presence. If several people from different departments are involved in an HR process, the preparation of an employment contract or a job reference is often a lengthy procedure. This is often a very time-consuming task, even if all those involved are physically present at the same location. Digital HR process management makes it possible to create HR documents and rework documents from different locations with just a few clicks. The system’s clear task assignment avoids duplication of work and tasks can be processed quickly and effectively. The system automatically takes over the major time consuming tasks, such as the manual filing and archiving of employee documents. This creates free resources that can be used for more important tasks.

Mobile document upload via smartphone

In order to make HR processes as uncomplicated as possible, even across locations and target groups, functions such as mobile document upload via smartphone or tablet make it easier to import paper documents into the system. Any documents can be photographed with the smartphone and uploaded into the system. The corresponding document is then automatically stored in the relevant employee’s file or forwarded to the manager or employee as part of the HR process. In this way, not only do employees outside the HR department receive information more quickly, the HR employee is also freed from time-consuming work steps such as printing or manual filing. Through automatic document recognition and the readout of employee data, the system then recognizes the format of the certificate. This is then communicated directly to the respective manager. The validation and evaluation of the documents means that the documents are then also stored in the appropriate register in the employee’s digital personnel file.

Advantages of digital HR processes

  • More flexibility in daily work for HR staff, managers and employees
  • Uncomplicated, fast processing of HR requests
  • No waiting times & approval loops
  • Work is independent of location and device
  • Avoidance of redundant work

Mobile recruiting

The hiring process must not suffer in times of crisis either. Job interviews can already be conducted digitally. With a suitable HR software, employment contracts can also be created digitally. These can be exchanged easily between HR staff, managers and applicants through a digital HR process and can be filled in online during the job interview. The employment contract can then be signed directly afterwards with a digital signature.

Digital HR process management – the example of Siemens Switzerland

The introduction of digital HR process management has led to greater transparency, quality and efficiency at Siemens Switzerland. First of all, the 10 most important HR processes were optimized and digitalized. HR documents could thus be made available to HR, employees and managers in a timely manner, and subsequent corrections and quality improvements were significantly reduced. “The processing times have been shortened enormously, and at the same time the handling of the processes has become much easier for everyone involved,” says Kai Berger, Head of Human Resources Services at Siemens CH.

Read more about the introduction of digital HR processes in Siemens’ best practice example.

HR documents in self-service

The advantages of digital HR processes also make life easier for employees outside the HR department. Employees have easy access to their HR documents in self-service. Documents such as salary statements for an apartment inspection or a letter of confirmation from the employer are made available to the employee digitally without the involvement of the HR department. This not only saves valuable resources within HR, it also increases employee satisfaction. In addition, vacations can be requested directly from the smartphone. The manager can then release it in just a few minutes after the request is made. At the same time, both the employee and the manager are automatically informed of any vacation overlaps with other team members and suggest an alternative vacation period depending on internal regulations. Digital HR process management thus enables not only the HR department to work from home. Rather, digital processes create free space in which HR staff, managers and employees can meet their high quality demands in a flexible working environment with more effective structures.