5 points for a central HR platform

The strategic hub for your company

The tasks of Human Resources have evolved dramatically. While human resources managers have long concentrated on process automation, cost reduction and compliance, today the focus is on employees and their development. New forms of cooperation are also gaining in importance. Collaboration and New Work are the buzzwords of the hour. HR is positioning itself more and more as a strategic partner of management. The HR core functions must therefore align themselves and no longer predominantly concern the administration. Rather the personnel management must place itself as the central organization in the enterprise. Because finally it concerns the reorganization of work and the adjustment of the manpower potential, which contribute substantially to the business success.

1. Central system for HR management

However, this is only possible if the administrative tasks are largely digitized with the help of an HR platform. This means that a wide variety of data and documents can be combined in HR. HR thus gains deep insights into the workforce potential and into all HR processes. With HR platforms such as SAP® SuccessFactors®, companies can align their HR work precisely with their corporate strategy. All important HR processes are supported in this way. Master data management is cleverly linked to the company’s talent management and provides deep insight into the entire workforce potential in order to make strategic decisions.

2. Combination of personnel data and processes

It’s the mix that does it! You can integrate master data management with talent management and business processes to get a better insight. Strategic decisions can be made more easily, which in turn leads to better business success. By having insight into the entire workforce potential, employee data can be combined with financial and operational information. This gives HR managers a panoramic view and enables them to provide management with the information they need to make strategic business decisions.

3. Digitize HR step-by-step with a modular solution

HR platforms consisting of individual modules or services are the best way to start digitization. This allows companies to start the process where the shoe pinches the most first and then gradually digitize other HR processes. Typically, they start with master data management to cover the basic organizational structure. At the same time, a digital personnel file can be introduced to digitize document management as a first step. Further steps can be digital payroll accounting or digital contract writing.

4. Cover HR document management at the same time

Most companies have already made good progress in digitising the data. However, document management is somewhat different. But especially in HR, a document is usually generated during every process. This already starts with the application process and the corresponding documents, which have to be filed in the personnel file. It continues with contract writing, onboarding and other certifications for the employees. An integrated digital personnel file, in which the generated documents are automatically stored, is ideal for this purpose. If document management solutions are seamlessly integrated into HR platforms such as SAP®SuccessFactors®, even entire HR workflows can be mapped. Good for the customer: When HR document solutions from a single source with master data management solutions are available. Because then companies have a central contact for digitization in the HR environment.

5. User-friendly HR tools

Intuitive HR tools make it easier for employees to contribute to the realization of corporate goals. Simple, intelligent and useful services provide employees with the information they need. This enables companies to increase the motivation of their employees. In addition, administrative tasks from HR are outsourced exactly to where they belong: Employees and managers initiate processes such as the creation of certificates or contracts themselves. To do this, they fill out evaluations themselves in easy-to-use tools. Gamification elements ensure a positive user experience and a greater willingness on the part of employees and management to carry out upcoming tasks.

If you consider these five points when introducing a central HR platform, you have already taken a significant step towards success in human capital management.

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